Two cups of tea with creamer and macarons

The first cup of tea (or coffee)

I just drank a cup of Lemon Drop tea and ate a Viennese whirl accompanied by a Lavender Earl Grey cookie. Both of these were baked by my husband. This is a pretty typical Friday afternoon for me.

My name is Dani and I’m from the DC Metro area. I love all things tea and coffee. I host afternoon tea events with my husband, Xak, every couple of months. Nobody else is invited; it’s just us. It is one of the most enjoyable things in life.

Every weekend, we experience Coffee and Trek. This is where we watch Star Trek: The Next Generation and drink… coffee. Usually, we pair this with breakfast like homemade muffins, leftover tea treats, oatmeal with cranberries, brown sugar, and bananas, or if we are feeling ambitious, perhaps a quiche Lorraine.

If you can’t tell, we love food. A lot. We love making events based on our food choices. Almost every meal is an experience for us.

My husband is the baker in our house, and I’m the taste tester, however I have been known to bake a few things. One of my goals is to handle the entire afternoon tea menu myself. This means

  • soup
  • sandwiches
  • scones
  • desserts

So far, I’ve successfully handled the soup, sandwiches, and dessert, but I have yet to attempt scones. Usually Xak and I split the tiered tray responsibilities (soup/sandwiches/1 dessert – me, scones/2 desserts – Xak), but I think it would be fun to switch places every now and then.

Here, I’ll be sharing all of our tea time, coffee time, and food time adventures along with some other interesting parts of our life.

Welcome to Scones and Doughns! Happy reading (and eating).

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