Sandwich bread out of oven and cooling on rack

Homemade Sandwich Bread

Depending on where you live, a loaf of sandwich bread likely costs less than $5. 
Regardless of where you live, the total cost of flour, milk, butter, and all the other ingredients that make up bread will far exceed whatever insane price a loaf of sandwich bread costs. So why would anyone make homemade sandwich bread?

The Baker and The Maker

Meet my husband: Xak

Xak eating a smore.
  • Lover of challenging bakes
  • Avid DnD player
  • Completely rational and frugal on everything until it comes to baking or s’mores.

I actually fully understand his thought process. Anytime I see a crocheted scarf or needlework art in a store, I think “oh I should make that” instead of just buying it for 1/5 of the cost. I guess it’s about pride for the skills we hone and also proving to ourselves that we can do something for 5 times the cost.

I don’t even want to think about how much this blanket cost me to make.

Crocheted blanket

Xak and I recently got married and after our honeymoon, he took some extra time off from work and began meticulously planning a baking schedule. He decided to devote his three weeks off to bread week, pastry week, and cookie week.

Bread Week Plans

Sliced sandwich bread does make sense for bread week. After all, the coolest things are always compared to sliced bread.


Bake sandwich bread and make tea sandwiches 

Me being an eternal pessimist always has a back up plan.


Bake sandwich bread and make croutons

I don’t know much about making bread but I sorta know the following:

  1. Crumb structure is important
  2. Kneading builds gluten (maybe?)
  3. Proving (or proofing?) Drawer is where you sometimes put bread to rise. 
  4. Window pane test is how you check gluten.
  5. Texas Roadhouse has the best free bread out of all chain restaurants (this I can say with full confidence)

I wouldn’t be much help for Xak on this challenge but as always, I was excited to eat the result.

Kitchen challenges

The first time Xak and I baked together, we foolishly decided to attempt macarons. I had previously eaten several of Xak’s bakes at work and they had been very delicious. When I walked into his kitchen, I was both shocked and impressed at the high quality bakes he produced while lacking necessary kitchen tools, such as a hand mixer. It was like watching someone play a PVP game with a touchpad instead of a mouse.

Five years later, we now have two hand mixers and even added a Kitchen Aid stand mixer with dough hook added to our wedding registry like the other millions of soon to be wedded couples.

Unfortunately for Xak, the Kitchen Aid stand mixer had not arrived, and Bread week already started, so Xak would have to do it on his own.

Baking in Progress

By the time I came downstairs, Xak had either already combined the ingredients to form dough, or popped open a biscuit tin.

At first, I was briefly confused thinking he was making 2 dinner rolls, but he assured me it would somehow become a loaf of sandwich bread.

I don’t know how to make bread, but I was just happy to see he was using the dough scraper I got him ^_^

At some point he put the dough to rest/rise in the proving (proofing?) drawer and I got impatient from waiting and left, promising to return for his oven shots and the big reveal.

Freshly baked bread has a glorious smell. It certainly is a motivator to hoof it down the stairs.

Is knocking on bread like knocking on a watermelon to see if it’s ripe? 

The Final Result

Sandwich bread out of oven and cooling on rack

Wonderful job, Xak!!  “We” should totally make this again!

Next up: Xak decides to bake Fig Scones to go with our tea sandwiches!

Recipe Rating and Reviews

Average Rating: 4.0

Recipe Used:

4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
“It’s your average, ordinary sandwich bread but tastes so much better fresh compared to store bought.”
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
“I love bread and butter, and this made the house smell great! Definitely better fresh. I would eat this again.”
Sous Chef

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